An electronicmeter for the highest demands.

Result within seconds
No reagents required
For freshwater and seawater
Ergonomic handle

Professional WAter Analysis
in Freshwater and seawater.

Finwell BASIC is an electronic measuring device for the determination of pH value, redox potential and temperature.
The advantages of the electronicmeter are its fast but precise evaluation and easy handling.
No reagents are required for the test.


  • pH value

  • ORP redox

  • Temperature

Finwell BASIC Delivers Fast results without compromises.

Simple but awesome!

The electrodes should be well protected. The cap with special liquid is best suited for this purpose.
With the Finwell BASIC, the protective cap is screwed, no only plugged in. This ensures better protection.
Thanks to the screwed-on protective cap and the replaceable electrodes, the device is extremely durable.

100% reliable.

An electronicmeter is perfect for those who want a quick test of important parameters. After immersing the measuring electrodes in the test liquid, the determined value is shown on the display within seconds.

The perfecto-meter.

Scope of Delivery

  • Finwell BASIC electronicmeter

  • 4 AAA batteries

  • Lanyard

  • Calibration solution 20 ml

  • Calibration certificate

  • Solution for electrode protection

  • Manual

For aquarium & pond
Changeable electrodes
IP57 waterresistant
Low-battery indicator

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